Introducing Enviromental Probiotics

Better Air improves indoor air quality and prolongs the cleanliness of hard surfaces

Dr Jessica Green – Ted Talk

Are we filtering the wrong microbes?


Introducing Biodify

Air, Surface & Object Purifier


Taly Dery

CEO Better Air

Introducing Enviromental Probiotics

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Enviro-Biotics™ revolutionize the way you breathe

Effective and long-lasting residual cleaning and purification for Air, Surfaces, and Objects.

Continuous misting with Enviro-Biotics™ helps manage bad odors.

Helps support your indoor air environment by reducing irritants that reside on surfaces.

100% Natural, chemical-free & environmentally friendly.


Not all microbes are the same


Good bacteria can promote a healthy environment.


Bad bacteria can lead to allergies.


Fungi feeds on organic material allowing it to multiply.

The BA Series tap directly into air ducts for continuous cleaning by harnessing the power of Enviro-Biotics™.

BA 500 without background side

The Biodify® is a continuous misting system that aerially distributes Enviro-Biotics™ into your personal space.

Biodify and its refill


Using Enviro-Biotics™ Sprays rebalance your environment while on the go, surrounding yourself with good bacteria.

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