Purify Air, Surfaces & Objects Naturally

The World’s First Ecological Balancing System Bringing the Power of All-Natural Probiotics to Clean and Purify the Indoors!

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The Biotica 800

Clear the air and clean your home naturally with environmental probiotics.


The World's First Probiotic Cleaner

Cleans Air, Surface and Objects


Bring the best of what’s outside inside with BetterAir. The natural way to a healthy home.

  • The Power of Probiotics

    Biotica800 releases a mist of environmental probiotics automatically cleaning an area of up to 800 square feet.

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  • Continuously Purifying 24/7/365

    Just plug it in and let BetterAir's proprietary blend of all natural probiotics do the work.

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Clean Your Indoor Environment with Probiotics

Probiotics are good bacteria that have beneficial health effects and support robust immune function. Enviro-Biotics® — our proprietary blend of environmental probiotics is engineered to flourish in a wide variety of indoor environments where they penetrate and clean surfaces and consume inanimate organic allergens.

Certified Safe

Traditional systems simply filter your air. BetterAir goes further to treat your entire home environment, purifying both air and surfaces to reduce inanimate allergens at the source.

Eliminate Allergens at the Source

Inanimate organic matter like pollen and dust mite matter--Gone. No fans, no filters, no chemicals — BetterAir Enviro-Biotics® clean away inanimate allergens to restore natural harmony to your home.

Boost Your Immune System

BetterAir’s patented micro-burst technology releases Enviro-Biotics® (environmental probiotics) into the air to naturally purify the air in your home. Enviro-Biotics® support healthy immune function and are certified safe for people and pets.

Relief for Allergy & Asthma Suffers is Here

No other indoor air purifier creates a healthier environment for allergy & asthma sufferers.
Seasonal Allergies

Reach allergens that settle on surfaces and objects, ensuring a clean, allergen free indoor environment.


Asthma suffers report 50% reduction in rescue inhaler use with Biotica800's 100% organic Enviro-Biotics.

Pet Allergies

Pet owners love the Biotica800 because it cleans dander from pets, soft surfaces like beds and removes organic odors.

Always Cleaning

Air. Objects. Surfaces.
Clean Continually

BetterAir releases Enviro-Biotics® — our proprietary probiotic blend — throughout the day to purify your air and create a healthy home ecosystem.

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Clean Completely

BetterAir is the only purification solution that cleans everywhere — from pet beds, to counter tops to, yes...air.

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Clean Confidently

BetterAir’s proprietary Enviro-Biotics® continue to purify your whole room, even when the unit is not releasing them.

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Love for BetterAir

"The Brooklyn Nets management team’s goal first and foremost is to always eliminate 100% the risk of our athletes getting sick, but also to provide the healthiest possible environment where our staff has no distractions from hindering their work performance. Based upon our experience i would definitely recommend betterair for use in other buildings."

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“I suffer from severe allergies to dust mites, pet dander and pretty much everything, which lead to my asthma diagnosis. After months of steroid use, I was gifted the [BetterAir] unit from a friend who was determined to help me find a holistic solution.I am extremely thankful as there’s no better gift than the gift of breathing cleaner air.”

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This is a great product and a must have for every home!

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