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We are committed to improving the indoor air quality you deserve. 

We make it simple to protect everything you care about. At the heart of BetterAir lies a passionate team of people dedicated to bringing balance to indoor environments by nourishing them with probiotics. Our patented technology introduces the power of Environmental Probiotics to purify air, clean surfaces and help boost our natural ability to protect against indoor irritants.


We leverage the well-known benefits of probiotics to work for you far beyond the preventative approaches we take with traditional approaches to cleaning. Our organically crafted probiotic strain is tasked with cleaning surfaces and the air you breathe by consuming matters such as pollen, dust mite waste and pet dander.

BetterAir’s products are natural, chemical-free and environmentally friendly.


Our solutions are built to accommodate all industries and target unlimited spatial coverage from small residential spaces to large commercial and residential buildings, agricultural uses and travel sprays.

“We may not be able to get away from the air we breathe, but we sure can make it better”




Taly Dery, CEO

At BetterAir we believe that nothing is more important than the air we breathe. And yet we spend so much of our lives indoors, inhaling air filled with contamination that can cause serious damage to our health. When we realized just how unhealthy indoor air quality can be, we decided to take action – to create a better way to purify our indoor environments.


Through a major breakthrough in biotechnology, we patented the world’s first probiotic air purifier, that not only purifies the air we breathe, but also the objects and surfaces we come into contact with every day. BetterAir’s revolutionary Enviro-Biotics™ technology doesn’t just target harmful bacteria, but replenishes healthy bacteria, promoting a balanced indoor ecosystem, and a better environment for everyone.

Our Vision

It’s our belief that everyone has the right to pure air quality, that supports your wellbeing and builds immunity, every day. Our vision is to share our technology to replenish every indoor environment – from office buildings and hospitals, to homes and airplanes, the sky is the limit.

Meet the team

Taly Dery

Chief Executive Officer / Chief Financial Officer

Simon Dery

Director of Sales

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