The power of probiotics.

Chemicals. Bleach. Anti-bacterials and faulty filtration systems. Kill all the bacteria. Sanitize from the ground up. If you can’t smell the chemicals, it’s not working.

This is the scorched earth approach to cleaning we’ve been taught from generation to generation. And by killing the entire biome, we’ve actually made our homes dirtier. Less livable. More prone to disease. What’s worse – allergies and asthma are on the rise because of it. And when we’re spending up to 90 percent of our time indoors, it’s not a problem that can be ignored.


"We believe everybody has the right to live and work in healthy indoor environments."

Richard Miller – CEO

That’s why at BetterAir we’ve spent seven years in intense research, testing and development to create the world’s first air and surface purifier to harness the power of environmental probiotics. In finding a way to bring the power of the outdoors – indoors. In rebalancing our home’s natural biome to work in rhythm with our lives.

Because here, we were founded on the belief that humanity is best served when we work with nature – not against it.

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