BetterAir: The Perfect Gift

BetterAir: The Perfect Gift

This holiday season, why not give a gift that will make a real difference in someone’s life? The BetterAir probiotic air and surface purifier introduce environmental probiotics to indoor spaces, improving air quality and prolonging the cleanliness of hard surfaces. For allergy sufferers, the holiday season can be a particularly troublesome time. The gift of healthier, fresher indoor air is a wonderful way to let someone know you care about their well-being, not only in December but the whole year through.

Tis the Season

Christmas is one of the merriest times of the year, but it also brings with it a lot of extra bacteria, viruses, molds and dust mites. Bacteria and viruses thrive during the cold weather, mold spores flourish in the damp evergreens of trees, boughs, and wreaths, and, since the air is naturally damp, dust mites are more prevalent. Here are some of the best reasons to give the gift of shutterstock_534597148indoor air to friends, family, and all your loved ones.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

What can’t be seen inside your home may be unhealthier than you think. Common household cleaning products building products and furnishings contribute to poor indoor air quality. The BetterAir solution is designed to purify the air through a patented technology that works to consume organic pollutants like pollen, dust mite waste, and pet dander.

Cleaner Surfaces and Objects

Thanks to innovative technology, there’s now a way to continuously clean the air and hard surfaces in your home. Science proves that not all bacteria is bad bacteria. Probiotics – the good bacteria produced naturally by your body – help to protect against potentially harmful bacteria in your system. BetterAir utilizes the same science to expel probiotics into the air to provide effective and long-lasting residual cleaning of inorganic matter.

Fight Mold with Moisture Control

Mold is more likely to grow in homes where the environment is warm and moist. It can grow on any surface and is not always visible to the naked eye. The key to mold control is moisture control. Keeping humidity levels to 50% or less, ventilating shower and laundry areas, and ensuring windows and doors are properly sealed are a good start. A BetterAir probiotic air and surface purifier help fight mold by releasing billions of probiotics into the air to consume organic pollutants that lead to mold growth.

Eliminate Household Odors

Probiotics tackle bad bacteria by continuously consuming it, ultimately helping to reduce allergens and dust mites within your home. And they do all this in a naturally, ecologically beneficial, and safe way. In addition, the consistent release of probiotics into the home’s environment cleans the air at a microscopic level, helping to eliminate the bacteria that causes common odors.

Other Ways to Give People The Gift of BetterAir

Bacteria travels with us everywhere we go! BetterAir also offers portable probiotic solutions that make wonderful gifts. An easy-to-use solution for protecting your personal space while out in public is the BetterAir portable BA-Spray that improves the air wherever you or your loved ones go. Safe and all natural, use our BetterAir spray to fight harmful contaminants and allergens in populated areas. This holiday season, give the gift of a more balanced and healthier way of life to everyone you love!

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