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3 Types of Allergens Lurking in Your Home (and How a Probiotic Air Purifier Can Help)

3 Types of Allergens Lurking in Your Home (and How a Probiotic Air Purifier Can Help)

Even if you keep your home clean as a whistle, the reality is that there are always allergens lurking around your home. Allergens cause a variety of health issues ranging from poor quality sleep to sneezing and watery eyes. These are some of the most common types of allergens and how a probiotic air purifier can help.


Allergen #1: Dust Mites

Dust mites are in every home across the country. They feed on dead human skin which sheds at nearly 10 pounds per year! This serves as an endless feast for dust mites which can be found in nearly every area of your home, from your mattress to inside of your pillowcase.

While complete removal of dust mites is nearly impossible, they can be reduced. But they are not the main problem. The fecal matter they release is a major cause of allergies, discomfort and allergic reactions, especially while you attempt sleep. Betterair can help keep your home as dust-free as possible. The answer isn’t to wipe surfaces clean with chemicals---you’ll need an air purifier with probiotics to reduce the number of dust mites and help your home feel cleaner, as well as improving air quality.

Allergen #2: Pet Dander

As much as we love our furry and cuddly friends, they bring dander that can make us cough, sneeze, and even result in watery eyes. Every time your pet walks into a room it brings dander in with them. Yes, even after you clean and vacuum every square inch of your home.

What’s the answer? An air purifier for pet dander. The best air purifier will let off a continuous stream of probiotics that use pet dander as a food source. This helps to reduce the amount of pet dander in your home, even when you’re not cleaning! The best news is that the Betterair air purifier is filterless, so there is no need to change out the filter that’s clogged with pet hair.

Allergen #3: Mold Spores

Yikes, no one wants to hear that mold spores are floating around in the air around your home. Mold spores are sort of like seeds that spread around so mold can begin to grow. These spores can be released in the home under certain environmental conditions such as high humidity.

Mold spores cause several health problems and allergic reactions ranging from sneezing to dry and itchy skin. Probiotics from the Betterair purifier will use mold spores as a food source and significantly reduce their present and allergic reactions.

Allergens come in many forms. If they’re giving you a headache (literally) and other symptoms that are leaving you miserable, consider improving the quality of your life and indoor air with Betterair!