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4 Signs that You Need an Air Purifier

4 Signs that You Need an Air Purifier

It seems like air purifiers are all the rage, but do you really need one? The better question is, how clean do you think the air around you is? Well, the reality is these little machines pack a big punch and can be extremely helpful in keeping the air around you clean. Here are 4 signs that a new air purifier is a good fit for your home, health, and family.

Sign #1: You Suffer from Allergies

Allergies are extremely common. In fact, 26 million people in American have allergies including 6 million children! Unfortunately, allergies plague us year-round, leaving us feeling as if there is no escape from sneezing, sniffling, and not feeling your best.

One of the remedies to naturally help with allergies is air purifiers. A probiotic air purifier such as BetterAir helps alleviate allergic responses to many triggers, ranging from pet dander to pollen.

Sign #2: You Have Asthma

Asthma is yet another condition that affects our respiratory system. Its severity can range from a minor inconvenience to life-threatening attacks.

If you’re among the 26 million Americans who have asthma, the good news is that an air purifier for asthma can provide relief as it reduce allergens that trigger asthmatic responses.

Take note that restoring the balance of good and bad bacteria takes time. While this isn’t an overnight cure for illness, it certainly gets you back on track for improved health 365 days per year.

While allergies are an oversensitivity to an environmental trigger, asthma is an inflammation of the lungs that makes it very difficult to breathe. Asthma attacks might even occur from strong odors, which is yet another benefit of investing in an air purifier.

Sign #3: You’re Concerned About Odor

No one wants unpleasant odors in their home. In the worst cases, you might even feel embarrassed about guests visiting you. Instead of covering up the scent of bad odor with sprays, a natural approach is running a probiotic air purifier.

With BetterAir, probiotics are used to coat nearby surfaces. The probiotics absorb bacteria that contribute to these odors, reducing the unpleasant smells that linger around the house.

Sign #4: You Worry About Air Quality

Is the home in your air really clean? Even with all of the cleaners and potions on the market promising the world for a cleaner home, your air likely isn’t as clean as you think. Even the filter in your HVAC system can only help so much (especially if you don’t change the filter as often as you should!)

Air purifiers are known for improving indoor air quality as their goal is to remove the allergens from the air. However, know that simply plugging in an air purifier and walking away still won’t necessarily bring you the air quality that you want.

All air purifiers are not created equal. Opt for an air purifier that uses the power of probiotics to clean the air. The probiotics are microscopic organisms, eating away at all of the bad bacteria that’s floating around inside your home. It restores the bacteria balance system, mimicking the environment of the outdoors to make a difference in your indoor air quality. BetterAir’s Biotica800 machine is a great option.