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Are You Getting a Good Night’s Sleep?

Are You Getting a Good Night’s Sleep?

It’s probable 1/3 of your pillow’s weight is Dust Mites and their waste!

Dust Mite’s waste trigger allergic reactions, sneezing, runny nose, nasal inflammation, itchy, red or watery eyes and nasal congestion to name a few.

Dust mites are tiny microscopic, insect-like pests that feed off of the dead skin cells that humans shed.  Dust mites are present indoors where and everywhere humans live.  Almost 20% of the population is allergic to dust mite allergens or suffer from asthma which attacks are triggered by inhaling dust mite allergens. 

According to research, after two years of use, on average, 0ne-third of your pillow’s weight is made up of the dust mites themselves, their fecal matter and their dead carcasses. 

And you are sleeping with them !?

According to a study performed by Dr. Mercola [1], your pillow is one of the more common places to find large numbers of mites, as the environment is exactly what they need to grow and multiply.”

Dust mites are a fact of life. Even though you may not see them, you are their main source of food, so they are anywhere you live. In fact, brand new bedding may be completely colonized within six weeks! 

Betterair’s Biotica800 automatically emits a microscopic probiotic mist into the air that travels on the air currents to land on all surfaces and objects. At only a single micron they are able to penetrate and infiltrate every corner of your home, including deep inside your pillow and mattress.  Betterair  consumes our dead skin cells, dust mites’ food source,  thereby limiting their propagation, plus they consume their fecal matter along with many other allergens that cause allergic reactions and distress.  betterair® uses a proprietary blend of probiotics called Enviro-Biotics® to re-populate your indoor environment and eliminate these and other allergens.