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BetterAir Gains MADE SAFE® Seal of Approval

BetterAir Gains MADE SAFE® Seal of Approval

BetterAir, the world’s first probiotic air, surface and object purification system, today announced that their proprietary blend of Environmental Probiotics have earned the MADE SAFE® seal. BetterAir’s line of residential and commercial products clean and purify work and living spaces using patented Environmental Probiotics. This proprietary blend of probiotics eliminates organic allergens such as pollen, mold spores, pet dander and dust mite allergens, creating a hypo-allergenic ‘safe zone’ wherever the unit is located.

The MADE SAFE® seal empowers shoppers to identify items that have been screened for chemicals known to harm human health, animals, aquatic life and ecosystems. This seal means that for the first time, people can easily find items that are safe for use on their bodies, with their children, and in their homes. BetterAir joins companies from across the personal care, baby, and household product categories to use this groundbreaking certification.

Amy Ziff, founder of the MADE SAFE certification program states, “We’re proud to partner with BetterAir to give consumers a clear way to buy products that align with their values and are independently vetted to ensure they are safe for use with their families.” Ziff continues, “MADE SAFE means ingredients have been examined to ensure they don’t include inputs known to be harmful to human or ecosystem health. Protecting humans AND ecosystems is the future of safe and sustainable product formulation.”

BetterAir’s purification systems are perfect for any indoor environment and are currently being used in well-known gyms, airlines and hotels around the world. By using probiotics to purify the air, this revolutionary approach reduces the presence of harmful allergens in any type of indoor environment. BetterAir is breaking the mold by providing relief while improving air quality and balancing the surrounding ratio of good and bad bacteria. Their leading consumer product, Biotica800 cleans and purifies indoor spaces naturally and safely without using any chemical or unnatural additives, even penetrating hard to reach areas and surfaces where 80% of communicable diseases are transmitted.  BetterAir is a simple, natural solution, resetting the indoor environment to the heathiest conditions that our bodies are designed to live in.

“We are proud to be a pioneer in the home environment industry with this certification. Our product line represents the highest standards of safety through the entire manufacturing process” states Richard Miller, CEO of BetterAir. “We have always prided ourselves on giving consumers the highest quality products, and now we are able to prove our Environmental Probiotics contains only MADE SAFE ingredients in it.”

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