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How to Relieve Allergies with an Air Purifier for Pet Dander

How to Relieve Allergies with an Air Purifier for Pet Dander

America loves pets. In fact, 68% of households have a pet.  Dogs are the most popular followed by cats and fish.  While fish don’t pose much of a threat for allergy sufferers, cats and dogs shed tiny (even microscopic) skin particles called pet dander. Pet dander is a common allergen, and air purifiers can help bring some much-needed relief by filtering them from the air that passes thru them but do not address the cause of the issue. So what is the best way to eliminate the pet dander that causes these allergic attacks?

Pet Dander: A Food Source for Bacteria

First, understand that the proteins found in pet dander are allergens which cause sniffling, sneezing, itchiness and watery eyes and can even initiate an asthma attack in sensitive individuals. Betterair’s probiotics (beneficial bacteria) will consume pet dander and help purify the air in your home.

You do not want to live in a sterile environment

The truth is that you need a mix of good and bad bacteria within your home (the way it exists in the outdoors) so your body can learn to identify allergens, thereby allowing your body to distinguish what is and what is not a threat.

An air purifier will filter allergens along with good bacteria out of the air. While the pet dander allergens in the air are reduced, the traditional air purifier is distorting the ratio of good and bad bacteria in your home. This isn’t the answer to minimizing indoor allergens and allergic responses.

Using Probiotics to Purify the Air

Using probiotics to purify the air is a revolutionary approach to reducing the presence of pet dander allergens. BetterAir is breaking the mold to providing relief while improving air quality and balancing the surrounding ratio of good and bad bacteria. It works by allowing good bacteria to thrive and feed off of allergens–like pet dander—and naturally reduce their presence.

Why are probiotics so effective at eliminating pet dander allergens? Betterair’s probiotics actually consume the pet dander thereby eliminating them from the environment.

The Biotica800 treats a single-room of up to 800 square feet.  As pets move everywhere in the home spreading their dander the Biotica800 constantly and automatically helps to eliminate allergic responses caused by the pet dander.

What’s the Best Air Purifier for Pet Dander?

Betterair’s innovative approach to alleviating allergies makes it the easy choice when you’re battling pet dander in your home. When you choose Betterair, you choose the path of Mother Nature and use her force to consume indoor allergens and balance the good-to-bad bacteria ratio in your home. This leads to cleaner air and a healthier home!