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Is Your Dirty Bedroom Making You Sick (And You Don’t Know It)?

Is Your Dirty Bedroom Making You Sick (And You Don’t Know It)?

We spend a large portion of our lives sleeping. If you live to be 75 years old, it’s estimated that you will spend 25 years of your life asleep! This is a significant amount of time to sleep, which means a lot of time spent in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, your bedroom might be dirtier than you think---and it might also be making you sick! Here is what you need to know to have a clean, healthy bedroom with the help of BetterAir.


Beware of Dust Mites

While bed bugs give us all the creeps, another sinister mite you need to think about is the dust mite. They are microscopic relatives of the spider and they lurk in every corner of your bedroom, feeding on things such as dead skin.

Worst of all, they’re probably living inside your pillow right now.

Killing off all dust mites is impossible. However, BetterAir can help reduce dust mites in your bedroom to help keep it cleaner.


Bacteria in Your Bed

While spending so much time in bed, bacteria is bound to build up in your sheets. It’s recommended to wash your sheets around once a week, since you’ll have allergens such as pollen and even animal dander in your bed if you have pets. Allergens such as pollen can travel through your home quite quickly by taking a ride on airwaves. Even opening a window to air out your bedroom can bring in a fresh stream of pollen and bacteria.


Dirty Floors and Curtains

Other commonly dirty areas in the bedroom include floors and curtains. There are allergens everywhere ranging from dust mites, dander, dead skin and much more. It’s easy to forget about vacuuming down or washing your curtains, which allows it to accumulate over time.


What’s the Key to a Clean Bedroom?

While washing your bedding and cleaning floors and curtains is important, it helps to have help around the clock to keep dust mites and other allergens from making you sick. This is where BetterAir enters the picture---the world’s only filterless air purifier that’s driven by probiotics.

BetterAir will have you breathing a sigh of relief while cleaning the air, reducing bad bacteria and rebalancing the ecosystem in your home. It helps reduce dust mites, dead skin, pet dander, and more. It also helps to reduce allergic reactions that you might have to these allergens.

Offering several models, BetterAir is one of the keys to a cleaner bedroom, a healthier lifestyle, and even improved sleep for those who are suffering from allergies. Explore our line and pick your perfect match!