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Relieving Asthma Symptoms with Air Purifiers

Relieving Asthma Symptoms with Air Purifiers

More than 26 million Americans are living with asthma. Searching for natural asthma remedies online can lead you to solutions such as doing breathing exercises, applying essential oils, eating particular foods, etc., but this will only provide short-term relief. Since asthma sufferers are more sensitive to irritants in the air than others, air purifiers designed for asthma sufferers can help clean the air and prevent asthma attacks but do nothing to eliminate the most common asthma triggers listed below: 

  • Dust mite allergens
  • Mold spores
  • Pollen
  • Pet dander
  • Smoke from cigarettes
  • Strong odors

While conventional cleaning of surfaces can help eliminate some of these triggers, the cleaning agents themselves can also be powerful asthma triggers.  Not so with the BetterAir’s Biotica800, the world’s first probiotic air and surface purifier which eliminates the allergens that trigger asthma attacks from the indoor environment. 

How Will BetterAir Help with Asthma?

BetterAir works by dispersing a microscopic mist of billions of probiotics into the environment. The probiotics go to work eliminating allergens and providing a coating of beneficial bacteria on surfaces and objects.  It’s perfect to use in the home as well as the workspace.

BetterAir is different than using harsh chemical cleaners to rid your home of dust and other allergens. This device is 100% chemical-free, using all natural and organic probiotics to restore bacterial balance in your indoor environment. Harsh chemical cleaners kill all bacteria, while BetterAir displaces the pathogenic bacteria and consumes allergens while resetting the indoor biome to be the healthiest possible. 

As one of the most effective air and surface purifiers for asthma, BetterAir simultaneously prevents mold as it cleans the air. The probiotics ultimately overpower mold-causing microorganisms and eliminate mold spores before they can germinate into living mold.  This further improves the air quality inside of your home and office space, allowing you to experience fewer complications from your asthma.

Get Better, Cleaner Air with BetterAir

BetterAir can be life-changing as it rids the indoor environment of allergens and pathogenic bacteria that cause asthma and allergic reactions. It took BetterAir almost a decade of research to create this revolutionary filter-less purifier technology that improves your health by using the power of nature….probiotics.  Invest in the air purifier that makes a difference in your quality of life.