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The Guide to Cold & Flu Prevention with the Help of a Probiotic Air Purifier

The Guide to Cold & Flu Prevention with the Help of a Probiotic Air Purifier

Flu season is officially---and unfortunately---in swing. Since 2010, the CDC estimates up to 49 million cases of the flu and up to 79,000 deaths. While there are several approaches to keeping your family flu-free such as hand washing and the flu shot, but you might be wondering if there is another way to keep influenza at bay.


In addition to the flu, the common cold is another illness that plagues many of us each year. While less serious than the flu, it can still result in missed time at work and school.


Aside from the mainstream advice offered to prevent cold and flu, consider the help of a probiotic air purifier such as BetterAir.


Introducing the Probiotic Air Purifier for Cold and Flu Prevention

If you haven’t considered the help of probiotics as a cold and flu prevention approach, your world is about to change for the better with BetterAir.


BetterAir is the world’s first probiotic air purifier. It releases a constant stream of probiotics into the air that eats eliminate the pathogens and allergens that can make you sick.


Having an entirely sterile environment isn’t the best prevention for cold and flu and has negative effects on the development of one’s immune system which is our primary defense to any illness. While disinfecting is necessary at times, remember that our bodies are naturally intended to thrive in the outdoors where there is a balance between good and bad bacteria. You need your immune system to be challenged by exposure to pathogenic bacteria but not overwhelmed to insure it can identify the good from the bad. If you were able to kill all the bacteria within your home your body’s immune system won’t know what to respond to which leads to autoimmune problems and an inability to effectively fight away what makes you sick. Instead, you’ll consistently catch infections time and time again from an inhibited immune system.


That’s why BetterAir is the best choice for cold and flu prevention. It restores the ecosystem in your home to its optimal ecological balance allowing your immune system to operate at optimal capacity helping to prevent cold and flu. .


Take Care with BetterAir

In addition to washing your hands and other proven cold and flu prevention remedies, BetterAir can help keep homes and even businesses healthier during cold and flu season. Even our smallest model, the Biotica800 covering 800 sq/ft, has a significant impact on reducing your chances of catching colds and the flu.


Don’t take a chance of suffering multiple colds or a bout of the flu, making you feel miserable and potentially lost wages from work. Invest in BetterAir for a better, healthier you!