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What is the Secret to the Healthiest Home Air Purifier on the Market?

What is the Secret to the Healthiest Home Air Purifier on the Market?

How can the smallest home air purifier be the most effective ( powerful)

More people than ever are turning to technology to better the quality of their health and lives. With 90% of our time spent indoors your home’s atmosphere plays the most vital role in your health. 

If you’re one of the 24+ million people in the US suffering from allergies, a standard air purifier might not be the best decision to improve your condition. Most air purifiers use filters, chemicals, uv lights or ozone generated claim to kill 99% of your home’s germs. But conventional air purifiers have a limit to their effectiveness, not only can the 1% they miss create drug resistant super bugs but they kill the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria, leaving you a home that is over sterilized on the one hand, and lacking reinforcement for your immune system with a shortage of good bacteria to help your body fight the bad bacteria. BetterAIr’s table top or hvac configured air purifiers are the solution.

Combining Probiotics with Home Air Purifier 

New and unique in the world of air purifiers, BetterAIr has cracked the code to creating a healthy, happy home with our home air purifier. Instead of using outdated chemicals or filters, BetterAIr uses the power of nature to make you breathe better and live better. Our secret? Probiotics. 

Probiotics are the good for you bacteria—yes, your body needs an abundance of good bacteria to feel its best ( your body has more bacteria than cells). In fact, BetterAIr’s environmental probiotics provide an array of advantages including:

● Balancing good and bad bacteria in your home 

● Eliminating mold, pollen , dust mite fecal and other allergens that cause middle of the night reactions like asthma or other allergy attacks, sleep disruption, reduced cold and respiratory infection. 

● Reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety 

● An incredible alternative to harmful cleaners that kill both good and bad bacteria, BetterAIr significantly improved ecological balance in your home environment


The Use of Probiotics in BetterAir

This is the most unique air purifier ever in terms of cleaning the air and improving your health. Our ®Enviro-Biotics™ are naturally amenable to the environment. They provide a consistent, long-term advantage for purifying the air and reducing allergens including pollen, pet dander, infectious diseases, and odors.

Not only is this the best air filter for home and improving indoor air quality, but it is also beneficial for kids and pets. Since it is 100% organic and biodegradable, it’s one of the safest and healthiest investments you can make.

The result? Cleaner indoor air that allows you to live better.

Choose BetterAir for Better, Cleaner Air If you’re ready to make a difference in the air of your home, discover for yourself how BetterAIr makes a difference. Enjoy healthier air in your home 365 days per year with BetterAIr.