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Why Your Home Isn’t as Clean as You Think

Why Your Home Isn’t as Clean as You Think

Did you know that only 20% of germs are spread through the air? With the remaining 80% transmitted from the surfaces of objects ranging from furniture to children’s toys, the truth is that you can’t have a clean home without purified air.

Some of the dirtiest surfaces in your home include:

  • Computer keyboards
  • Door knobs
  • Kitchen sink
  • Purse handles
  • Refrigerator handles
  • Light switches

Many homeowners are under the impression that scrubbing surfaces with harsh chemicals results in a germ-free home. It’s easy to overlook many items on the provided list, leaving bacteria virtually undetected. However, chemical cleaning products aren’t the answer.

Because our bodies thrived for millions of years in an outdoor environment, chemical-based cleaning supplies only upset the ecological balance and doesn’t address the surrounding air.

Restoring the Ecosystem in your Home

Instead of relying on chemical cleaning solutions, let’s go back to basics by using the power of Mother Nature. The goal is to create a harmonious environment where good and bad bacteria are properly balanced, allowing your immune system to defend itself when necessary. Your body must be exposed to bad bacteria so it can tell the difference from germs and good bacteria.

Even though most of us spend 90% of our days indoors, our bodies are designed to be outside in nature. Both good and bad bacteria exist outside, so a similar ecosystem must be set inside of your home, getting it as purified as possible and potentially improve health.

Using Probiotics to Clean Air and Surfaces

BetterAir is the only purifier on the market that purifies the air using probiotics. By diffusing probiotics into the air, it starves out bacteria on surfaces to minimize its presence. Since rooms in your home are fluid with family members (and even pets) moving in and out, there is no way to completely sterilize the area no matter what type of cleaning equipment you use. Keep in mind that 35 million bacteria can come off of a person’s body just by walking into a new room.

Furthermore, opening windows brings in allergens such as pollen and even mold. Probiotics serve as a mold and allergen prevention, since good bacteria consumes mold, pollen, and even dander.

With the automatic and continuous releasing of probiotics from BetterAir, it helps reduce indoor allergens and minimize diseases. It also cuts down on illnesses such as colds and MRSA, which can survive from 24 hours to weeks depending on the surface and type of illness.

Improve Air Quality with BetterAir

As you can see, there must be a balance of good and bacteria in the air as well as surfaces. This isn’t accomplished with chemical cleaning solutions, which wipes out bacterial ecosystems and does nothing to purify the air. By mimicking the outdoor environment, you can bring your home’s bacterial ecosystem full-circle while helping to reduce allergens and germs in the home.