betterair Biotica800 probiotic surface & air purifier refill cartridges

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Price: $98.95

We use a proprietary blend of probiotics called Enviro-Biotics to re-populate your indoor environment. An ultra-fine mist continuously releases billions of probiotics into the air to land on surfaces, penetrate fabrics, and infiltrate every corner where irritants thrive in your home or office. Once dispersed, Enviro-Biotics consume bad bacteria and allergens that cause respiratory issues.

The result? Your environment is returned to the natural state where clean air thrives and you enjoy your home like never before.
  • Cartridge refills for betterair Biotica800 probiotic surface & air purifier
  • Twin Pack of 2
  • 105 ML Each
  • 6 month supply (each cartridge lasts 3 months)

Before ordering please check the model of unit ( name is on front of your unit) you have to insure that you are ordering the correct cartridge for your unit.  You must match the cartridge to the unit in order for the unit to operate properly.  Cartridges are not returnable.