betterair organic probiotic environmental protection spray - 150 ml

SKU #00000000001


Spray on surfaces and in the air to creates a layer of microflora of beneficial probiotics to help your natural ability to protect against pollen, dust mites, pet dander, allergens, pathogens and other organic irritants. 
Spray two to three pumps in the air and on shared objects to keep your immune system strong such as keyboards, cellphones, yoga mats, door handles, airplane seat pockets, bathroom sinks, cutting boards and much more!
Natural, organic, chemical free and environmentally friendly for you and your pets!

Now you can enjoy the revolutionary probiotic health benefits of our Enviro-Biotics technology in a convenient spray bottle so you can be better protected everywhere you go.

Most germs are found on surfaces and objects so don’t stop spraying!

  • 1 bottle has 75ml of Enviro-Biotics