The Problem

Your home or office has an imbalance between good bacteria ( probiotics)  and bad bacteria ( harmful or pathogenic) . This imbalance is a major cause of disease, allergies, allergic reactions and a host of other maladies.

The Solution



is the worlds first probiotic purifier. Our proprietary blend of environmental probiotics (aka Enviro-Biotics®) are dispersed into your indoor environment by our patented Biotica800  releasing billons  of healthy probiotic spores.


Our probiotics ride the air waves in your home and spread throughout your spaces landing on all your surfaces and objects.


Upon landing they eat mold spores, dust mite fecal matter, pet dander  and other allergens.  At a mere micron in size they penetrate deep inside carpets, pillows, mattresses, keyboards, etc, where no other purification system can infiltrate, eliminating the threat from infectious disease organisms.



Additionally, betterair’s probiotics  propagate at an exponential rate monopolizing the  food supply  pathogens need for sustenance.


betterair’s probiotics consume organic allergens for food while creating an inhibition zone severely limiting the growth of bad bacteria.  By eliminating allergens and sharply reducing the amount of disease causing bad bacteria an odor free, hypo-allergenic environment is created.  At the same time betterair re-nourishes your home with health enhancing, disease battling, natural and organic probiotics.   


Nature, like a healthy body,  has a good to bad bacteria ratio of approximately 8:2.  Our unhealthy indoor spaces on average are 5X more polluted than the outdoors and the ratio is often in reverse, making our indoors, where we spend 90% of our time, a perfect breeding ground for allergens, infectious diseases and germs which cause colds, nasal inflammation, allergic reactions, overall discomfort, depression, disturbed sleep and general malaise.


You cannot have clean air without clean surfaces.  80% of disease is spread by touch, only 20% by air. The majority of microorganisms that pollute the air originate on polluted indoor surface’s. betterair® significantly reduces the presence of harmful bacteria on those surfaces which in turn reduces the amount of pathogens released into the air. As a result you are breathing cleaner air and not harmful microorganisms resulting in a healthier, fresher more natural indoor ecology.