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Say hello to the world's first organic air and surface probiotic purifier.

The betterair Biotica800


"...the machine is actually a technological wonder."



The Science Behind Better Air

We represent the cutting edge of wellness optimization by harnessing the power of all-natural probiotics. Our systems help turn your home into a hypoallergenic safe zone free from organic irritants.

Whole-room clean

The betterair Biotica800 has the power to purify not just the air in your home, but every object and surface, where 80% of communicable diseases are transmitted from.

Helps alleviate allergies & asthma

betterair’s proprietary probiotics actively consume the harmful allergens that trigger these allergic reactions.

Restores natural ecology

The betterair system is all about rebalancing the natural biome of your home by resetting and purifying indoor ecology.

Next-generation air purification technology

Unlike HEPA Filters, electrostatic or UV air purifiers that affect all bacteria indiscriminately, both good and bad, the Biotica800 disperses beneficial bacteria that even penetrate objects and surfaces to crowd the bad bacteria out.

Reduces transmission of diseases

The Biotica800 minimizes the transmission of infectious diseases by reducing the presence of indoor pathogens that can overwhelm our immune systems.

“I used my Biotica800 to help with the musty smell in my basement. After 1 week of having my unit on the odor is gone!”


“I wake each day feeling rested, with no sinus congestion or headaches...with more energy to get me through my day.”

Cheryl W.

“I suffered from allergies that often provoked sinus infections. Years of on-and-off antibiotic use, nasal irrigation and antihistamines have finally come to a stop.”

Joanna B.

“The Biotica800 significantly improved the quality of my life...I highly recommend this product. For anyone who has allergies, congestion, sinus issues and sleep difficulty, I hope this product will improve your quality of life as it did mine. An incredibly happy user.”


How it Works.

The Biotica800 sprays an ultra-fine mist of probiotics into your indoor environment – purifying the air, surfaces and objects all around it.

Controls Odor

Our ®Enviro-biotics™ consume the resources that odor causing bacteria thrive on, even those caused by pets.

Boosts immunity

Helps create a simple, natural and optimally-balanced environment that our bodies were designed to live and thrive in.

Reduces mold

Our patented diffuser releases an ultrafine mist of probiotics that transform into living microorganisms that outnumber and help eliminate mold spores.


betterair's ®Enviro-biotics™ are 100% organic and contain none of the harsh chemicals found in many standard household cleaning products.

Safe for humans & animals

Our research team has formulated the most beneficial and safe strains of probiotics. They are all-natural and perfectly safe for your entire family.

Discreet design

Measuring just 10”x5”, the Biotica800’s sleek design fits seamlessly into any room or decor.


Over 15% of the population is allergic to pet dander. betterair’s Enviro-BioticsTM consume pet dander, making pet dander allergies a thing of the past.

Keyboards are 20,000 times dirtier than toilet seats, salmonella and E.Coli can be found in more than 45% of kitchen sinks, and cutting boards can carry 200 times more bacteria than bathroom floors. Thankfully, BetterAir’s Enviro-BioticsTM penetrate these surfaces and consume resources these pathogenic bacteria need to multiply.

The average mattress doubles in weight after 10 years due to accumulated dust mites and their fecal matter, both of which cause allergies and could cause you to sneeze at night. Our Enviro-BioticsTM consume dust fecal matter and the dead skin cells dust mites eat, minimizing their presence while eliminating allergens.

When sweat and bacteria mix it causes odor. The Biotica800 minimizes these odor-causing bacteria by consuming their food resources, which leads to fewer bacteria. That’s less odor, and less odor-causing bacteria.





The #DirtyTruth

Keyboards are 20,000 times dirtier than toilet seats, Salmonella and E.Coli can be found in more than 45% of kitchen sinks, and cutting boards can carry 200 times more bacteria than bathroom floors. Thankfully, BetterAir’s Enviro-BiotcsTM penetrate these surfaces and consume resources these pathogenic bacteria need to multiply.

It's a great, big, dirty world out there. But that doesn't mean our homes have to be.

See the difference.

The Biotica800 is in a league of its own.

  • Feature
  • Technology
  • Replenishes biome
  • Treats air & surfaces
  • Balances good & bad bacteria
  • Penetrates upholstery & bedding
  • Cost
  • BetterAir Biotica800
  • Technology
  • 100% Organic Probiotic
  • Replenishes biome
  • Yes
  • Treats air & surfaces
  • Yes
  • Balances good & bad bacteria
  • Yes
  • Penetrates Upholstery & bedding
  • Yes
  • Cost
  • $399
  • Dyson Pure Cool TP04
  • HEPA / Activated Carbon
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • $549
  • Molekule
  • Photo Electrochemical Oxidation
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • $799

Let nature rebalance your home for just $399.

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