Who are you traveling with?

Not your bff

Reality check—you aren’t the only who has touched that. Bacteria travels with you (and on you!) everywhere you go.

·     Railings
·     Cell phones
·     Elevator buttons
·     Keyboards
·     Shopping carts
·     Steering wheel and car interiors


Choose the good bacteria:

Probiotics are healthy bacteria beneficial to your health. Trillions of them live in your gut and serve as a natural defense system. They are also found in yogurts, fermented vegetables and in daily digestive supplements.


Your new travel partner:

BetterAir BA-Spray

The on-the-go probiotic spray is your perfect travel accessory—protect your personal space from indoor pollutants.



Where is it effective?

Pollutants thrive in enclosed spaces and are attracted to frequently populated areas, such as airplanes. These crowded spaces become popular places for travelers to contract respiratory allergies.

Did you know that remote controls in hotel rooms are the most contaminated objects? hundreds of people visit the same room every year and invite unwanted germs with them, thus creating a perfect environment for bacteria and allergens to thrive. Enjoy your travels and hotel experience better with the BA-Spray!

Does your locker room smell musty? Mold proliferates in humid and dark places causing stale and unpleasant smells. So next time you go to the gym, mist the BA-Spray and protect your personal space including your towels, gym bag, shoes, equipment and floor mats.

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