Our Difference

We don’t battle nature …. We work with it

betterair® is a pioneer in the field of environmental probiotics and the inventor of Enviro-Biotics® a solution comprised of organically cultured strains of probiotics called Bacillus Subtilis. Billions of micron-sized probiotics are dispersed into the air to form a protective shield of microflora that purify the air, surfaces and inside objects.

Unlike all existing air purifiers betterair® uses no chemicals, no filters, no UV lights, no ozone, no antibiotics, nothing artificial and nothing unnatural to create the healthiest indoor environment possible. We use Nature’s own self grown biome protectors – probiotics, derived entirely from naturally occurring organisms that live in soil and on plants.

Existing air purifiers are reactive, they only target impurities in the air. betterair® is proactive, attacking these irritants at their source, on tables, chairs, rugs, pillows, keyboards, toys, every surface and object in your home, before they become airborne. Traditional air purifier’s do not treat surfaces and objects. You cannot have clean air without clean surfaces.

That’s because 80% of all disease is communicated by touch, only 20% through the air.

Today’s man made indoor environments, where we now spend on average 90% of our time, are overly isolated & excessively controlled, filling our rooms with artificial compounds, cleaners and air purifiers that kill the good bacteria (probiotics) along with the bad. This misguided methodology has created super bugs resistant to any existing remedy (view article) that are threatening the world and have created an unhealthy indoor environment that not only gives us asthma, allergies, respiratory conditions, et al, but a severely weakened immune system (view article) that at the very minimum cause fatigue, depression, disturbed sleep, compromised concentration and much much more.

betterair’s all natural, organic solution nourishes your room with probiotics to overwhelm and eliminate the bad bacteria, thus rebalancing your indoor ecology and mimicking nature’s healthy outdoor ecology.

Simply put, we make you and your home healthier.​

betterair's probiotics not only consume the food supply of pathogenic bacteria and thus starve them ( which is why no drug resistant bacteria strain can survive our product) but our probiotics also consume mold spores, dust mite fecal matter and many other allergens – which are the major causes of illness, allergic reactions and asthma attacks, something no other product does.

We already use probiotics to rebalance our digestive system, betterair uses probiotics to rebalance our indoor eco system.

has spent 9 years researching, testing and developing our proprietary blend of probiotics. No other product made today cleans and purifies the indoor environment as totally, naturally and safely as betterair®.

betterair® is a miracle for modern living and will change your life.