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Seasonal allergies? Not if you’ve got BetterAir

When spring and fall allergens infiltrate your home, BetterAir is your best line of defense. Our patented probiotic blend, called Enviro-Biotics®, disperse through the air and form a protective layer on the surfaces in your home.

And that’s just the start. Enviro-Biotics® go to work by cleaning inanimate organic allergens, replacing allergy-causing microscopic organisms, and helping to neutralize noxious odors from organic sources.

Don’t spend another season wishing for relief. Get BetterAir today.

“I suffer from allergies and bad dog smell at home. This device changed everything.” - Ilan A.

“Our family has been suffering from allergies for years now without relief. After using BetterAir for over two weeks, we were able to see major improvements.” - Review for EG