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Asthma symptoms? Breathe easier with BetterAir

People with asthma know better than anyone that there’s no worse feeling than trying to catch your breath. And while conventional air filtration systems can help, they’re not able to block everything. BetterAir goes a step further. Our patented probiotic blend of EnviroBiotics® diffuses into the air and coats surfaces in your home to form a protective layer that’s always cleaning and can help remove asthmatic triggers at the source. 

Enviro-Biotics® pass lung challenge testing to determine that there are no harmful effects of inhalation. And injection tests that used precise DNA sequencing found no residual presence of Enviro-Biotics® in the lungs.

Get BetterAir today, and start breathing easier.

“I suffer from severe asthma issues, and the addition of BetterAir probiotics has reduced my emergency inhaler use by half.”

- Ben Hoffer