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air purifier for allergies

Remove Allergens from Air, Surfaces & Objects

Air filters only get the 20% of allergens in the air - the other 80% are on surfaces in your home. Dust mites, pet dander, pollen - you name it. It's everywhere, not just the air. This is why BetterAir is your best line of defense. Biotica800 releases a micro-fine mist of Enviro-Biotics to silently, continuously remove 100% of allergens from your whole room. Naturally.

best air filter for allergies

100% organic, plant-based Enviro-Biotics® work by naturally neutralizing allergens & odors from organic sources, creating a balanced, totally purified environment in your home. 

Don’t spend another day wishing for relief. Get BetterAir today.

“I suffer from allergies and bad dog smell at home. This device changed everything.” - Ilan A.

“Our family has been suffering from allergies for years now without relief. After using BetterAir for over two weeks, we were able to see major improvements.” - Review for EG

best air filter for allergies