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air purifier for pet dander

Remove Pet Dander from 100% of Your Room

We love our four-legged friends, but pet dander — not so much. Especially if you or someone in your home is even a little bit allergic to pets. Good news! BetterAir can help. Biotica800 purifies your room with an ultra-fine, continuous mist of EnviroBiotics® that silently and discreetly cleaning pet dander from the air and every hard or soft surface in your room. 20% of the pet dander in your room lives in the air - the rest is left behind by air filters. Yes. It's a little gross to think about.

best air purifier for pets

With BetterAir Biotica800, your room isn’t just being filtered — it’s being continuously cleaned. And of course, our probiotic blend is safe for people and pets, having been tested and approved by a certified Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) lab.

biotica800 air purifier