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At betterair We Believe in Giving Back!

From our inception, the founder of Better Air Environments has pledged the entirety of personal profit to charity.

A Letter from the Founder​

In 2018, I discovered a man made miracle. An Israeli creation betterair, has significantly changed mine and many other people’s lives for the better. My hope is that one day soon, it will change millions more.

To those interested in betterair and anyone who may question our authenticity, please known that the motivation for founding Better Air Environments is of a strictly humanitarian nature. As its founder, I have pledged that every dollar of personal profit generated from this venture will be 100% donated to charity. In addition, our shareholder agreement states that 10% of all corporate profits will also be donated to charity

betterair is a miracle for modern living and will change your life.


Bring the Best of What’s Outside Inside with betterair.
The natural way to a healthy home

Introducing the Biotica800®, the world's first indoor air &amp surface cleaner. Founded in Israel, betterair has spent past 9 years specifically researching, developing and testing its proprietary blend of environmental probiotics or indoor use. The safety and efficacy of the products have been tested and clinically proven by multiple accredited laboratories and institutions around the world.

When dispersed by our patented release systems betterair creates the healthiest indoor microbiome possible by harnessing the power of Nature. betterair’s proprietary probiotics rebalance the indoor environment by mimicking the natural outdoor ecology, where our bodies have evolved over millions of years to be their healthiest.

We know that you cannot have clean air without clean surfaces. betterair’s probiotics provide the only comprehensive solution to clean our indoor air, surfaces and objects.

"Who could have imagined our homes and offices would become
the most dangerous places for us to be."

Harness the power of nature and create the healthiest indoor mirobiome possible with betterair. By mimicking the natural outdoor ecology, where our bodies have evolved over millions of years to be their healthiest, betterair brings the best of what's outside, inside.

Our patented release systems and proprietary probiotics rebalance your indoor environment. Clean air isn’t possible without clean surfaces, that’s why our probiotics provide the only comprehensive solution to clean our indoor air, surfaces and objects.

Experience an immediately enhanced quality of life and wellbeing by treating your indoor environment with betterair’s probiotics.

Betterair is composed of 100% natural and organic beneficial probiotics derived entirely from soil and plants. There are no chemicals or unnatural additives whatsoever.


What makes betterair's products different from other products?

betterair is the innovator of the world's only probiotic air, surface and object cleaning system. Pioneering a way to apply probiotics into the environment and using their natural intelligence to bring balance to indoor living and work places. betterair cleans inanimate organic allergens from the indoor environment while helping in the elimination of noxious odors from organic sources.

What are BetterAir's Enviro-Biotics® and where do they come from?

Probiotics are naturally occurring organisms found in nature and within your body and are defined as beneficial bacteria that contribute to a person’s overall well being by controlling up to 80% of our immune system. A diverse microflora of bacteria within one's intestinal system is critical to a healthy immune system. They are commonly found in foods such as yogurts, fermented vegetables and are consumed daily as dietary supplements.

BetterAir's Enviro-Biotics® are a proprietary blend of multiple strains of naturally occurring probiotics that are cultured in an ISO 9001 certified laboratory located in Israel to insure they are of the highest purity and safety. They convert to the spore (hibernation) form when denied air and nutrients. Once diffused into the air they come to rest upon surfaces and penetrate objects where they germinate into living organisms (air and nutrients are available) and begin to consume inanimate organic allergens as well as eliminate organic odors.

How do betterair Environmental Probiotics work?

Betterair's patented technology repetitively releases microscopic sized Environmental Probiotics known as Bacillus ferment. Billions of micron-sized probiotics form a protective layer of microflora which coat and shield surfaces and objects, resulting in a healthy microbiome. betterair's Environmental Probiotics also consume inanimate organic matter such as pollen, cockroach matter and dust mite matter, creating an environment that is abundant in good, positive, beneficial bacteria.

Are betterair products safe for humans, pets and animals?

betterair's Enviro-Biotics™ (probiotics blend) have undergone and passed safety test by a certified 3rd party GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) labs. Due to their naturally occurring biological nature, all betterair products are safe for human, pet and animal contact. They are also environmentally friendly, 100% natural and organic and biodegradable.

How do I know my Biotica800® is working?

The probiotic mist that is dispersed by the Biotica800® is microscopic so you cannot normally see it. When the manual (snowflake) dispersion button is pushed you should feel and hear the high pressure pump cycling. We have also included a test procedure with your Biotica800® insure that your unit is dispersing the environmental probiotics.

Please follow the following steps to administer the test.

Biotica800® Test Paper is a blue colored paper strip that senses the presence of humidity and turns light pink/white when exposed. It tests the dispersion of the Biotica800’s Environmental Probiotics which use water from the sea of Galilee as a suspension agent. When the test strip is placed over the dispersion vent of the Biotica800® and the manual (snowflake) button is activated you will see the paper turn pinkish or white. All that needs to happen is a slight color change. It makes no difference if the color change is slight or more pronounced as either indicates the probiotics are being dispersed properly.

1. Follow the set up instructions for your Biotica 800 contained in the owner’s manual.

2. After the Biotica800® has finished its initial cycling remove the probiotic cartridge cover.

3. Place a single blue strip of BetterAir Test Paper over the dispersion vent ( where the Environmental Probiotics are dispersed).

4. Push the manual (snowflake) button to cycle the Biotica800®. You should feel the high pressure pump cycling and hear a faint cycling noise.

5. Carefully observe the betterair test paper and confirm the paper covering the dispersion vent has changed color…….the color change can be slight or more pronounced , but any color change indicates the Biotica800® is working properly.

If the betterair Test Paper does not display a color change please remove your Probiotic cartridge and reinsert to insure there is a tight seal. If there is no color change upon retesting the unit please contact customer service and they will go over additional steps or authorize a cartridge or Biotica800® replacement.

Where should I place my BIOTICA for best effect?

We recommend placing the BIOTICA800® in your bedroom as that is where most people spend most of their time when home and that is also where dust mite matter tend to be the most common. Do not place it near an open window as the incoming air can be filled with inanimate allergens (pollen for example) negating the "safe zone" you are creating in the bedroom. Conversely, if you are battling odors or a pet dander allergy for example you should place the unit near the area the odor is emanating from or where the pets are located.

How long does it take to feel the effects of the environmental reset?

Most individuals begin to experience positive effects of a rebalanced indoor environment in approximately three to five weeks. You can't rush nature.

What are the optimal storage conditions for the betterair products?

Probiotics should be stored at room temperature and direct sunlight is to be avoided.

If I have an existing UV light purification system what effect will that have on the probiotics?

A UV light purification system may destroy some of the probiotics that get drawn into the UV light as it kills everything…. good bacteria and bad. Most probiotics will land on indoor surfaces and won’t be affected by the UV light purifier. In order to get the most out of your betterair purifier, DO NOT position it near the UV light purification system.

What is the warranty on the BIOTICA800® and how do I make a warranty claim?

Our 1-year Limited warranty begins from the date of the original purchase and covers any defective product. If repair is not practical,betterair Environments, LLC will replace the defective product with a fully warranted, factory-reconditioned product that is the same or has similar functionality with the exceptions stated below. Does not cover damage caused by misuse or when used other than as intended and described in the product instruction manual. The warranty does not cover loss or damage to removable parts. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other legal rights that vary from state to state. Please register your BIOTICA800 at www.BetterAirUS.com

To be eligible for a return/refund or an exchange, you must contact us to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form. To obtain an RMA form please call our Customer Care team at 833-692-3883to speak with a representative, or you can email us directly at contact@baeus.uswhich will start the process of returning your Biotica800® device directly to
betterair Environments, LLC and to receive a full refund or to exchange your unit. Please ensure that your item is in the same condition as you received it in. Please be sure to send it back in the original packaging with all the accessory parts properly packed. If the seal is broken on the probiotic cartridge, you do not need to return it. If the original packaging is no longer available, please pack it in an appropriately sized box with protective bubble wrap to protect the device from any damage that may occur during the return shipment process. You will be responsible for paying return shipping costs. Return shipping costs are non-refundable.