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What Is the purpose of the Biologic device?

The Biologic by betterair is the first device of its kind that creates a safe, natural and balanced indoor environment free of inanimate organic allergens and odors.  The Biologic disperses a proprietary blend of probiotics to re-populate and reset your indoor environment with beneficial bacteria….probiotics. An ultra-fine mist is intermittently and continuously released propelling millions of probiotic microbes into the air that land on surfaces, penetrate fabrics, and infiltrate every corner of your home creating a micro-flora coating of beneficial bacteria.

The result? Your environment is returned to the natural state where clean air and objects thrive, and you enjoy your home like never before.

The biologic covers an area of up to 400sq/ft, is portable, rechargeable and app controlled. 

What Is the meaning of Environmental Probiotics - Enviro-Biotics®?

Enviro-Biotics® are a proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria, (Probiotics) that are naturally found in the soil and on plants that are intended for usage in indoor spaces. Similar to probiotics used as nutritional supplements that have beneficial influence on the human digestion system, environmental probiotics are used to reset and rebalance the indoor ecology to their most natural state mimicking the outdoor biome which is the healthiest for our bodies.

How do Enviro-Biotics® work? 

In each dispersal of Enviro-Biotics® to the air, millions of beneficial bacteria are dispersed that reach contaminated surfaces and objects creating a protective layer of beneficial bacteria while resetting the indoor biome to its most natural state.  Enviro-Biotics clean away inanimate organic allergens such as pollen, dust mite fecal matter, pet dander and mold spores creating a Hypo-Allergenic Clean Zone free or organic allergens. Enviro-Biotics suppress and control the growth of odor causing bacteria and fungi including mold eliminating organic odors. 

How long will it take to have full coverage of Enviro-Biotics® when using the Biologic device?

A confined space of up to 400 square feet will have 100% coverage of Enviro-Biotics® within 32 hours from the initial* activation of the Biologic device.
* According to a test performed in a confined space without any HVAC systems and without presence of humans.

What is the ideal location of the Biologic device? 

It is recommended to locate the device in a spot that is not near a door or a window; best practice would be to locate the Biologic device at least 1 meter above floor level for ideal and unified dispersal.  On a night stand, a desk or end table is ideal. 

In which space can we locate the Biologic device?

It is recommended to locate the device in indoor spaces such as rooms, offices, clinics, hotel rooms, gym studies, etc.

How long does it take the Enviro-Biotics to influence and treat indoor contaminants?

The influence of Enviro-Biotics® is subject to several parameters such as: Temperature, humidity, HVAC and room air flow, human traffic and contaminants level in the treated spaces. Enviro-Biotics® probiotic solution is released to the air with the disbursement being dormant cells. The activation of the dormant Enviro-Biotics® probiotics depends on the treated space’s contamination level. The more contamination – the faster Enviro-Biotics® will become active. It is important to emphasis that Enviro-Biotics® will maintain the beneficial activity if constant dispersal is maintained.

Is there a situation of saturation or "too much" Enviro-Biotics®?  Should the device be turned off?

The Enviro-Biotics® mode of action makes sure that there will never be a saturation. In fact, Enviro- Biotics® keeps on releasing to treat spaces in a dormant status, and as long as the room is kept clean, the Beneficial bacteria will not be activated. Only when contamination is present, the beneficial bacteria is activated and begins treating the infected area.
Nature will seek balance, and so the Enviro-Biotics® is part of that equation and maintains the balanced microbiome.

Should the Biologic device be turned on 24/7?

It is recommended to keep the device turned on 24/7 and not disconnect it while away or while asleep in order to maintain the effective influence and protection of the Enviro-Biotics®.

Room size: Will the Biologic be effective in spaces greater than 400 square feet?

In case the treated space size is greater than 400 square feet, the device will still treat the contaminated areas, however its effectivity may be reduced. In the event the space size is greater than the specifications of a single Biologic device, it is advisable to add another device to the treated space and locate it in a distance from the other Biologic device for optimal coverage. (for example, in two counter-angles of the space). Alternatively our Biotica800 treats and area of up to 800 square feet. 

How long will the Biologic refill bottle last?

The refill bottle is programmed to last for up to 3 months of continues usage. You can check the level of probiotic as well as battery level by accessing the Biologic app.  It is recommended to re-order refills on time from your local provider.