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At betterair We Believe in Giving Back!

From its inception, the founder of Better Air Environments has pledged every dollar of personal profit would be given to charity

A Letter from the Founder​

In the beginning of  2018 I discovered a man made miracle. An Israeli creation called betterair, a product that has significantly changed mine and many other people’s lives for the better and, hopefully one day soon, of millions more.

To all interested in betterair and those that may question our authenticity, be it known that the motivation for founding Better Air Environments is of a humanitarian nature only.  As its founder I have pledged that every dollar of personal profit generated from this venture will be 100% donated to charity. In addition, our shareholder agreement states that 10% of all corporate profits will be donated to charity as well. 


betterair is a miracle for modern living and will change your life.