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All you need to know about the miracle of betterair

  • betterair is the world’s first environmental probiotic
  • betterair is the only purifier that can actually BOOST your IMMUNE system
  • betterair is the only product that purifies surfaces and objects as well as the air.
  • Existing air purifiers only target pathogens in the air, not on surfaces and objects where they breed.
  • According to the CDC, 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touching a contaminated surface.
  • Germs don’t breed in the air, they breed on surfaces. They then become airborne by any minute movement of air.
  • betterair is the only purifier that attacks these pathogens at their source.
  • Other air purifiers kill the good bacteria (aka probiotics) along with the bad, making your environment less healthy not more.
  • Chemical cleaners and sanitizers kill the good along with the bad as well
  • Surface cleansers may kill organisms temporarily but leave food for resilient pathogens and viruses to reinfect the area
  • betterair reduces the likelihood these pathogens, viruses and allergens return. It keeps on working long after applied
  • betterair is 100% natural, organic and safe for humans, infants and pets
  • betterair has been proven to eliminate a virus akin to the coronavirus family on surfaces by 99.99%.
  • Superbugs and drug resistant bacteria are becoming most serious global health threat. Over sterilization with antibiotics and chemical cleaners insures their prosperity.
  • betterair’s all natural, organic solution nourishes your room with probiotics to overwhelm and eliminate the bad bacteria, thus rebalancing your indoor ecology and mimicking nature’s healthy outdoor ecology.

Simply put, we make you and your home healthier.​

betterair's probiotics not only consume the food supply of pathogenic bacteria and thus starve them ( which is why no drug resistant bacteria strain can survive our product) but our probiotics also consume mold spores, dust mite fecal matter and many other allergens – which are the major causes of illness, allergic reactions and asthma attacks, something no other product does.

We already use probiotics to rebalance our digestive system, betterair uses probiotics to rebalance our indoor eco system.


betterair is a miracle for modern living and will change your life.