Our Story

Bring the Best of What’s Outside Inside with betterair
The natural way to a healthy home

betterair is the inventor of the worlds first indoor probiotic air & surface purifier called the Biotica800®. Founded in Israel in 2010, betterair has spent 9 years researching, developing and testing its proprietary blend of environmental probiotics specifically for indoor use. Its safety and efficacy has been clinically proven following EPA protocols and tested by multiple accredited laboratories and institutions around the world.

"According to the EPA our indoor air is 5X more polluted than the air outside."​

When dispersed by our patented release systems betterair creates the healthiest indoor microbiome possible by harnessing the power of Nature. betterair’s proprietary probiotics rebalance the indoor environment by mimicking the natural outdoor ecology, where our bodies have evolved over millions of years to be their healthiest.

We know that you cannot have clean air without clean surfaces. That’s because only 20% of diseases are transmitted through the air – 80% are transmitted through touch. betterair’s probiotics provide the only comprehensive solution to protect our indoor air, surfaces and objects.

"Who could have imagined our homes and offices would become the most dangerous places for us to be."

A direct and immediate result of treating the indoor environment with betterair’s probiotics is an enhanced quality of life and wellbeing. This is achieved by betterair is composed of 100% natural and organic beneficial probiotics derived entirely from soil and plants. There are no chemicals or unnatural additives whatsoever.

betterair maintains continuous ongoing research and development programs for the identification of additional beneficial probiotic strains as well as improving the efficacy of our probiotic delivery systems. The company continues world-wide testing on a multitude of disease causing pathogens, including e-coli, salmonella and listeria.

No other product made today cleans and purifies the indoor environment as totally, naturally and safely as betterair.