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“As a regular springtime allergy sufferer, I can honestly say my husband has never felt better with the addition of this unit in our household.”

- Leslie

Keep your home allergen-free

Seasonal allergies can be a huge sap on your quality of life. Pollen, grass allergies- all the things that give you what is commonly known as “hay fever” cause watery eyes, congestion, even swollen glands. And there doesn’t seem to be any escape, even indoors!  Every time you open a door or window, millions of particles of grass and plant pollen and other inanimate organic allergens infiltrate your home. About 20% of these allergens stay suspended in the air, while the other 80% land on surfaces and objects.

Air purifiers that use filters are poorly equipped to handle this particular issue because they can only filter the air. The 80% left behind on soft objects and surfaces continue to cause the symptoms that are driving you crazy! 

BetterAir is different. Our Enviro-Biotics® go after organic allergens at the source and clean — not filter — your air and surfaces. That means you get 100% coverage.

“I would certainly recommend it to anyone with severe allergies. It’s a great product.”

- Dr. Timothy Hodge

best air filter for allergies

The result is fresh, clean air that can bring you relief from hayfever allergens like ragweed, grass and other pollens, dust mite matter, pet dander, and more. You can be free of your seasonal allergy symptoms with Biotica800, your money back guaranteed. 

“Prior to BetterAir, my wife was suffering terribly from allergies. Shortly after the BetterAir install, she no longer suffers from this congestion and feels much better.”

- Carl A.

best air filter for allergies