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Conventional systems filter the air. To actively clean your air and restore your indoor environment to a normal, balanced state, we engineered BetterAir to go a step further.

Bringing the Best of What’s Outside Inside Since 2010

Inspired by nature, we have created the world's only probiotic air and surface purification system.

Our Story

Innovative Biotechnology Enviro-Biotics®

By harnessing the power of Enviro-Biotics®, our proprietary blend of natural, environmental probiotics, BetterAir creates a healthy, balanced indoor microbiome, the sum of all the microscopic organisms living in your home. 

How it Works

The safest, most natural way to achieve a fresher, cleaner indoor environment

Even when the device is not dispersing the Enviro-Biotics are still continuously at work. BetterAir's continuing use makes the indoor room cleaner and healthier.

Efficacy & Safety

Frequently Asked Questions

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