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Environmental probiotics clean and rebalance your home by mimicking the outdoors, where our bodies have evolved over millions of years. BetterAir’s proprietary Enviro-Biotics® are a blend of 100% natural and organic probiotics that are derived entirely from soil and plants — no harsh chemicals or additives whatsoever. 

BetterAir vs. Traditional Air Filters

Traditional air filters only absorb and remove pollution from the air. BetterAir cleans your air by reducing inanimate allergens at the source. 

In fact, BetterAir is the world's only probiotic air and surface purification system proven to clean surfaces, which air filters can’t do.

The Power of Probiotics

Our patented microburst technology continuously releases an ultra-fine mist of Enviro-Biotics® into the air to land on surfaces, penetrate fabrics, and protect every corner of your home. 

Billions of microscopic Enviro-Biotics® form a protective layer on all surfaces once dispersed. Enviro-Biotics® clean inanimate organic allergens, replace allergy-causing microscopic organisms, and help neutralize noxious odors from organic sources.

The result? 

Your indoor environment is restored to a natural, balanced state where clean air thrives.