Proven Prodcut Claims

Additional BetterAir Product Claims that require completed certified testing (most testing is under way)
Cleans and purifies the indoor air, surfaces and objects Clinically proven to inhibit the growth of mold and pathogenic microbes South Korea
Restores the indoor ecological balance to mimic the outdoors…….where our bodies optimally thrive Effective in the control of and limitation of disease causing microbes
Resets and restores your indoor environment with positive microbes Residual Anti-Microbial Properties
Eliminates allergens that cause allergic reactions Reduces the symptoms of various health conditions
Helps reduce the spread of germs Decreases the cost of operating HVAC systems
Eliminates noxious odors Reduces the frequency of replacing HVAC filters
Consumes cockroach and dust mite waste that causes allergic reactions Increases the longevity of the HVAC system
All natural and safe (no side effects) Combats Sick Building Syndrome
Automatically and continuously releases billions of probiotics into the indoor environment Lowers energy costs
Only technology compatible for use with HVAC systems for dispersion Enviro-Biotics Improves employee productivity
Multifunction applications suitable for use in home, office and for travel Reduces employee absenteeism due to illness