How does it work?


Harmful Indoor Air

Pollutants live in your home

Dust mite waste, pollen and pet dander are the leading causes for respiratory allergies and rhinitis. Your home is breeding ground for such irritants. Environmental Probiotics nourish your indoor space and consume organic pollutants that serve as resources for other bacteria.

·     Mattresses & Pillows                 ·    Bathrooms
·     Toys                                              ·    Door handles
·     Countertops                                ·    Remote controls

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are healthy bacteria beneficial to your health. Trillions of them live in our gut and serve as a natural defense system. They are also found in yogurts, fermented vegetables and in daily digestive supplements.


Say hello to the good


BetterAir’s Environmental Probiotics are safe, organic and chemical-free. The BA-008 home dispenser automatically releases a carefully cultured probiotic vapor compound into the air. The probiotics land on surfaces and travel around consuming resources and thus rapidly multiplying. Increasing the ratio of good to bad bacteria results in a healthy microbiome.

How to use BetterAir?

BetterAir BA-008 Eco-Balancing System is suitable for a variety of indoor spaces, including homes and small offices up to 800 sq.ft. With a continuous release of Environmental Probiotics, BetterAir creates a protective, microscopic layer of microflora which coats and shields all indoor surfaces.

The BA-Spray goes with you everywhere you go. With the BetterAir Probiotic Spray, you can saturate your personal space with probiotics reducing the likelihood of indoor pollutants invading your space.


The result: a more

balanced and healthier

indoor environment

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Bad Odor Reduction and Control
  • Cleaner Surfaces and Objects
  • Probiotic Nourishment

Experience BetterAir


Your home is your safe place but it also is for bacteria and allergens. Your kitchen may be the ultimate breeding ground for airborne and surface germs that lurk in dish sponges, cutting boards, cabinets, knobs and handles.
BetterAir’s 100% natural Environmental Probiotics will penetrate and protect the spaces you can’t touch or see.


Did you know that a working adult touches as many as 30 objects a day? These objects may be contaminated with disease causing bacteria. You may think your toilet is more contaminated than a keyboard and mouse, but think again. Protect your office space with BetterAir probiotics by penetrating the hard to reach spaces you work with every day. Happy workday!


Who are you traveling with? The transmission of bacteria is higher in enclosed and populated spaces, thus  becoming the most common cause of respiratory allergies in travelers. The BA on-the-go probiotic spray is your perfect travel accessory—protect your personal space from harmful bacteria and allergens.


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