Probiotics: Nature’s
Natural Cleaner

Why do I need good bacteria?

Did you know that there are 10 times more bacteria in our bodies than there are cells? Alarming, yes, but it’s actually normal and healthy. In fact it’s estimated that up to 80% of a healthy body’s bacteria is beneficial. Probiotics are friendly bacteria and good yeast. They work by consuming the bad bacteria in our bodies to help boost our immunity, improve digestion, reduce allergies and improve our mood. According to Probiotics, by Casey Adam, Ph.D, “There are more than 100 (known) benefits to taking probiotics. And hundreds of studies have shown different species of probiotics have different health benefits.” [1]

Scientists have taught us about beneficial probiotics in foods like yogurt and kombucha, or taking probiotic supplements.But the benefits of probiotics are no longer limited to inside our bodies. BetterAir is taking the science behind probiotics and translating that to environments we live in and frequent.

“Our homes and the buildings we work in are similar to a human body. Here’s why: Our body needs a good balance of good and bad bacteria. Similarly, the air and surfaces in buildings need a good balance of good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria — called probiotics — are the guards that protect our body and objects we come into contact with. The right amount of bad bacteria is needed for our body to recognize what is unhealthy for us. Without bad bacteria in your body and environment, your body is unable to recognize or develop a defense against infections.” [2]

From our homes to our offices, the more time we spend indoors, the more harmful microorganisms can grow.

“Desks harbor more bacteria 

than toilet seats” 

”A CBS News report focused on hot-spot areas such as door handles, kitchen sinks, and elevator buttons. Other likely habitats have been shown to include everything from toilet fixtures to computer keyboards. A classic study by University of Arizona researchers determined that the typical worker’s desk harbors hundreds more bacteria per square inch than an office toilet seat.” [3]

Wait, but I clean my home…

And you might say “I clean my home all the time,” but there’s a catch. Traditional cleaning methods, like bleach and antibiotics, wipe out both good and bad bacteria. Sure, harmful microorganisms are killed, but so are the healthy probiotics that we need to survive. This is an environmental imbalance and, frankly, it isn’t healthy.

“HEPA air purifiers can lead to stronger

bad bacteria”

“When we clean our air and surfaces with chemical cleaners as well as HEPA air purifiers, we kill bad bacteria.  While we are left with cleaner air, we are also indirectly creating stronger, harmful bad bacteria. To survive, bad bacteria (and its progeny) will evolve, becoming resistant to our cleaning efforts and even antibiotics, and are therefore harder to kill.”  [2]


In fact, diseases like MRSA are immune to many different antibiotics. But according to, “Probiotics can defeat these super bugs with ease. Probiotic bacteria and pathogenic bacteria have been fighting for billions of years.”  [1]


What’s more, states, “Traditional purifier sprays and devices indiscriminately kill all bacteria, both harmful and beneficial — causing an imbalanced, sterile environment that could increase the risk of pathogens’ evolving resistance.”

“Traditional purifiers kill all bacteria,

both harmful and beneficial.”

Remember, the more probiotics in our air and on our surfaces, the greater the balance to our environment. “Bad bacteria aren’t allowed to grow because the probiotics feed off of it. To restore a good balance of probiotics and bad bacteria in our homes and offices, BetterAir has created purifiers that aim to clean air, surfaces, and objects by releasing probiotics into the air. Instead of eliminating bad bacteria, they introduce good bacteria that will land on objects, including the insides of mattresses, under carpets, and door handles.” [2]

Enviro-BioticsTM: The next step in probiotics.

The Biotica800 releases a proprietary blend of probiotics, which we at BetterAir call Enviro-BioticsTM (Environmental Probiotics), into your home and create a revolutionary purifying system. Gone is the “all or nothing” approach to battling allergens, infectious diseases and odors in your home. Instead, BetterAir systems work to:

  • Distribute a unique probiotic microscopic aerosolized compound that settles everywhere creating a protective layer or probiotic microscopic flora and the formation of an “inhibition zone” as defined by biologists, which is a de facto “no entry zone” that does not let pathogens settle within the treated area.
  • In addition, the Enviro-BioticsTM microflora consume all organic resources that serve as sustenance for pathogenic bacterial and mold survival, hence cause their gradual disappearance.
  • Enviro-BioticsTM are naturally amenable to its environment, where unlike the reaction to chemical treatment and antibiotics, pathogens cannot develop immunity against Enviro-BioticsTM, and its effectiveness is consistent over very long durations.

The Biotica800 is filterless, which means it doesn’t rely on filters as is the case with other traditional air purifiers. That’s because old technology air purifiers “kill both good and bad bacteria, but also have no direct access to areas where bad bacteria usually reside.”  [2]

The next step in Enviro-BioticsTM home purification

BetterAir is excited to be on the forefront of this revolutionary technology as the world’s first probiotic air purifier. And new studies published recently speak directly to the benefits of phytoremediation, or the practice of using plants and trees to combat pollution. Phytoremediation works by using an abundance of healthy bacteria to help keep our environment thriving. In a recent study, researchers working at the Middlefield-Ellis-Whisman Superfund site in California found that

"Probiotic bacteria help your body detoxify itself."

“Trees with certain strains of beneficial bacteria were both stronger and more impervious to pollution than others…The findings were clear: just as probiotic bacteria help your body detoxify itself, they can also help trees act as even better natural environmental remediators.” [4]

The big picture.

So, just like the probiotics you consume for a healthier life, and the phytoremediation used to combat pollution, the Biotica800 by BetterAir uses the power of nature to balance out your home’s ecosystem, ridding harmful bacteria and allergies from the surfaces and air of your home. Who would have thought that the most scientific, all natural, organic and chemical-free way to a cleaner, healthier home would be bacteria? Well, we did!