Probiotics: Nature’s
Natural Cleaner

Nature is composed of trillions upon trillions of bacteria, both good and bad. Outdoors in Nature good bacteria (aka Probiotics) overwhelmingly outnumber bad bacteria (aka harmful or pathogenic) by as much as 8 to 2. The outdoors is where are bodies have evolved over eons to be their healthiest. Indoors is a different story. According to the EPA the indoor air is at least 5X more polluted than the air outside.

From our homes to our offices, the more time we spend indoors, the more harmful microorganisms we come in contact with.

“Desks harbor more bacteria

than toilet seats”[3]

Why do I need good bacteria?

There are 10 times more bacteria in our bodies than there are cells.

Divided between good and bad bacteria, it’s estimated that up to 80% of a healthy body’s bacteria is beneficial. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help boost our immunity, improve digestion, reduce allergies, improve our mood, et al [1]

The benefits of probiotics, however, are no longer limited to inside our bodies. betterair® has taken the science behind probiotics and transposed it to the indoor environments we live in.

Wait, but I clean my home…

Traditional cleaning methods, like bleach and antibiotics, wipe out both good and bad bacteria. This creates an environmental imbalance and is not healthy.[2] states, “Traditional purifier sprays and devices indiscriminately kill all bacteria, both harmful and beneficial — causing an imbalanced, sterile environment that could increase the risk of pathogens’ evolving resistance.”

A greater number of good bacteria than bad
is an absolute necessity for good health

Enviro-Biotics®: The next step in probiotics.

The Biotica800® releases a proprietary blend of probiotics called Enviro-Biotics® (Environmental Probiotics), creating a revolutionary new purifying system. betterair® systems:

  • Eliminate mold, dust mite fecal matter, pet dander and many other allergens that cause disease, allergic reactions and discomfort.
  • Consume all organic resources that serve as sustenance for pathogenic bacterial and mold survival, hence cause their gradual disappearance.
  • Do not allow for the formation of drug resistant fungi and bacteria. Unlike the reaction to chemical treatment and antibiotics, pathogens cannot develop immunity against probiotics, and their effectiveness is consistent over long periods of time.

A Simple Solution to a Complicated Problem.

betterair® is on the forefront of this revolutionary technology as the world’s first probiotic purifier. A recent study found that: “the Biotica800® by betterair® uses the power of Nature to balance out your home’s ecosystem, ridding harmful bacteria and allergies from the surfaces and air of your home. “ [2] 

betterair® works with Nature not against it. Nature is our only resource.

Who would have thought that the most scientific, all natural, organic and chemical-free way to a cleaner, healthier home would be probiotics? Well, we did!